Clients may call me anytime, send me an email to: thcheok@gmail.com or drop by at my place for quotation or proceed straight to an on-the-spot instant translation and pay by cash.

When you seek quotation, kindly provide relevant information such as: Your whereabouts, The exact name of the document  (or send  me a copy for viewing), The target country,  The target language,  The purpose for translation,  The requirement for the endorsements, The method of delivery: on the spot translation/ client to pick up from me later / courier.

Note: A request for quotation may not be entertained, or a quotation may not be available in cases that I may be unsuitable for / uncomfortable with the job request. A translated document usable in one country may not be usable in another country. For some countries, a rigid legalization procedure applies. If a legalization procedure applies, clients may see me for translation, then proceed to other steps  as  prescribed by the relevant processing authority. Also, in order to get a quotation, clients will need to assure that all the source documents provided are genuine.

How to engage an urgent service: If you are currently residing in Malaysia, would like to have a speedy service in Certified Translation, and think that my translation service may come in handy, you may: Step 1- Send your request with a scanned document to thcheok@gmail.com State your whereabouts, the target language, the purpose to have a document translated, the type of endorsement required and provide your contact numbers. Step 2- Obtain a quotation, and if you are agreeable to it, make payment. Step 3- Wait for the arrival of the courier parcel, which is usually possible by the next working day as scheduled. If you are overseas, you may find someone in Malaysia to pay for you or to pick up from me. The translated document may then be delivered to you or your family member in Malaysia, say via a courier traceable online. If you are staying nearby, you may drop by at my place for translation. You may call me prior to your visit, just to ensure my presence.

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B.A.(Hons) Universiti Malaya
Certified Translator (Chinese/English/Malay)
Member No. 798, Malaysian Translators Association

135, Jalan SS2/72, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor,
Tel: +603-77105495 Fax:+603-77289363
Handphone +60178885117
E-mail: thcheok@gmail.com

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